Aramid Non-woven Fabric with Jacquard



Model F90, F120,F150, etc
Composition 80%Meta-Aramid, 20%Para-Aramid
Weight 90g/m²,120g/m², 150g/m², etc
Width 150cm
Available Colors Natural Yellow
Structure Spunlace Non-woven,Jacquard
Features Heat Insulation, Inherently Flame Retardant

Products Details

Background technique Wildfires, chemical plant fires, building fires, these fires are happening all around us, and even more and more in recent years. In order to effectively resist the damage caused by harmful substances and external forces in these disasters, firefighters must wear personal protective equipment with high protective performance. After testing, it was found that aramid non-woven fabric is the most suitable material for the heat insulation layer of fire fighting protective clothing because of its flame retardancy, good thermal stability and light weight. Thermal Barrier made of flame retardant viscose or carbon fiber, in order to achieve the same heat insulation protection, the weight needs to be very heavy, the fabric has poor air permeability and thermal stability. For this purpose, we have developed this new type of Aramid Non-woven Fabric with Jacquard, which is patented. Technical solutions The utility model relates to a jacquard aramid felt, which comprises a patterned surface and a flat surface arranged longitudinally spaced apart. Using 100% aramid fiber as raw material, the jacquard aramid felt is made by spunlace non-woven fabric method. There is a raised space on one side of the aramid felt, which increases the insulation space, makes the fabric better heat insulation, and reduces the weight of the fabric. Performance advantage This jacquard aramid felt has superior heat insulation, breathable, good air permeability, and can effectively reduce the weight of fireproof clothing, improve rescue capabilities, and protect the life safety of rescuers.· Inherently flame retardant · High temperature resistance · Heat insulation · Breathable · Light weight Fireproof clothing, firefighters turnout gear, Industry, gloves, etcRegular specification is a 90g/m2 Aramid Non-woven Fabric with Jacquard, of course, other weights can also be customized. Welcome to contact us and take the fabric sample to test and proof for free.
Customize Service Weight, Width
Packing 500meters/roll
Delivery Time Stock Fabric: within 3 days. Customize Order: 30days.

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